Maybe Some New Upcoming Content This Weekend

2017-05-10 20:24:53 by GreatMindsofEarth

I have to do a small art project for my online art class that I just joined. It's an Istebrak 14 Day Class. I would totally recommend it to everyone who's interested in realism. I might be taking this whole upcoming weekend to make the nine pieces. Once they're done, I'll be sure to post them. I'm unsure what they'll be about, but I'll try my best.

See you all in a few days.


I lied.

I'm Short

2017-05-02 20:38:26 by GreatMindsofEarth



5'7" at 29 years old. If you've ever wanted to get turned down by every woman because you're "a nice guy, but no". Then you're probably short like me.

This is why Stalin never picked up women unless he had to threaten them with gulags. Fuckin' 5'8".

So if any ladies out there need to know, then here. That way I can't catch anyone off guard.

Joining Jazza's April C.T.O.M.

2017-04-05 10:56:48 by GreatMindsofEarth

Yeah. Thas about it really. Expect something later in the month for the CTOM. So yeah.

I'll also document when I take breaks and start up again.

11:01 AM April 5th 2017: Refining the sketch. Adding stuff at the top of the piece.

3:03 PM April 5th 2017: Taking a break from drawing to play War Thunder. Time for some dual Shvaks.

5:19 PM April 5th 2017: Getting back to work. Getting down base colours for the bottom.

10:10 PM April 5th 2017: Finishing off the structure of the ship. Halfway done with rendering it. *Sigh* Bedtime.

2:57 PM April 10th 2017: Back from friends wedding. Ready to work again. Finishing the rendering on the ship.

9:46 PM April 10th 2017: Got distracted. Didn't finish rendering ship. Added background to top of piece. *Sigh* Bed.

3:00 PM April 11th 2017: Finishing ship for good.

9:12 PM April 11th 2017: Finished fully rendering ship. Might go back for minor fixes or changes, but done.

8:31 PM April 16th 2017: Doing something different. Drawing something else for a bit.

6:49 PM April 17th 2017: Doing something with the empty space up top or something with the beam? Idk.

9:12 PM April 17th 2017: Added an apmosphere around and below the ship. Added center beam. Recoloured.

3:10 PM April 21st 2017: Work DAY! (Tomorrow.)

1:20 PM April 22nd 2017: Start.

3:59 PM April 22nd 2017: Trying my best to put some sort of traditional aspect more than just paint brush lines.

9:46 PM April 22nd 2017: Sleeping. Finished piece. Submitting tomorrow.

2:24 PM April 23rd 2017: Due date for the competition was yesterday. Currently scared to death that it won't be noticed.

I think I'm beginning to like these scruffy emojis a bit too much. Oh yeah, um, the animtaion I said was going to be late was actually finished early and posted just a few minutes ago. I just wanted to be done with it and Valentine's Day for this year and maybe the next. Sorry that it's not a satire. It was supposed to be, but shit happened and it didn't.

My fiance decided to leave me. The Valentines Day Animation I was planning will be late or not be posted at all.

Sorry for the delay.

To be honest, I hate asking for help too often, but asking for help on my artwork is a new level of hate I have for asking for it. I may need help for the animation I'm working on. I tried to speak to a few coworkers of mine to see if I could have them voice act for my animation, but they all turned me down. If anyone is in the mood for a charitable donation of your voice talents, I will very gladly take an audition. I need both female and male voices. Contact me for a few lines if you're interested.

I am trying to teach myself to play piano and compose the music for the animation. The piano is off-tune, but I won't let that stop me. The animation will be done before the end of the year of 2017. I'm putting all of my Polish effort and my German perfectionism into this animation. It will take a long time, but it will be very nice. It won't be the only one of its kind. It's only a part in the series, but it's taking very long because I'm a one man animation team hell bent on perfection.

-Ammon Earth (1.7.2017) 12:31 AM

Background (For Those of You Who Don't Know): I've been making comics (Most not posted online) and posting some of them on DeviantArt. Since coming to Newgrounds, it's been quite a change. Newgrounds, to me, is much less ''shitposty''. DA isn't very user friendly either. It has a lot of outdated features and has longer loading times for detailed items. For the past year or so, I've been posting little things here and there from The Deluks War, my story. I no longer call it my comic because I don't really want it to be a comic anymore. Any time that I visualize it, I see everything moving. I want to convey that through animation. I believe that would be a much better use for my skills. I'll also be taking my story much more seriously. A The Deluks War animation sounds much more serious to me than a comic. I believe that this will give me the motivation I need to work on it rather than just let it sit on my desk all week. Do tell me what you think of this.

(First Post on DeviantArt):

Here's an idea. Animation.
Animation is what it was to the comic artists who first used it as it is to me. Having been dabbling in comics for the past year or so and that time has basically told me that comics are really not my thing. I'd say that I've given them a fair try. This December, I'll be buying a license for Adobe Animate CC (and maybe a sound program). The Deluks War has a very high chance of being an animation rather than finishing as a comic. I believe it is easier to convey my way of storytelling through the medium of animation (whether it be frame by frame or otherwise). Do tell me what you think of this.

I will not post animations on DeviantArt because, sadly, DA has a bit of a problem when it comes to longer animations. Newgrounds, while it appears older, is so much more user and creator friendly.

Hello everybody! I'm starting an animation project for the 4th of July next year. This should give me plenty of time to finish it and make it look very lovely. If you have any questions or advice for me, I'll gladly take them. :) See you on July 4th for the Patriotic Animation.

-Ammon Earth

Making a GME Newgrounds account at two in the morning...

2015-08-09 01:44:10 by GreatMindsofEarth

There isn't much to say here.

My name is Ammon J. Earth.

I draw and create comics along with regular artwork. (It's a hobby.) As of this moment, I'm working on a comic I've named The Deluks War. Of course, it's no ordinary comic. It will be posted here and on the GME DeviantArt account in late December of 2015. (That never happened, but it will soon.)

If you would like to look at what I create, watch this account for updates and artwork.

I guess that's all for now... I think.

First Posted: Sometime mid Fall of 2015.

Edits: 11/5/2016.


Oh well then. Have a wonderful day everyone.